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A Book for Dog Lovers Everywhere

Wimsey the Manhattan Bloodhound:
A Comedy of Many 


Wimsey the Manhattan Bloodhound: A Comedy of Many Errors follows the adventures of Wimsey, a ridiculous 125 lb. bloodhound living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side who does his best to defeat the schemes of his owner's friend Elizabeth to show him, model him and turn him into a canine TV star. Whether disrupting photoshoots, baying his way through Westminster or hobnobbing with celebrities, Wimsey was as impossible to ignore as he was to train. Nothing sad or serious here, just plain unadulterated bloodhound fun.

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ISBN: 978-0-578-38381-1


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Elizabeth Silverman is a native New Yorker and a former Wall Street biotechnology stock analyst. When she wasn't writing about high finance and serious science (or helping to train ASPCA dogs with considerably more success than she had with Wimsey), she was writing Wimsey's blog, Diary of a Manhattan Bloodhound and authoring his books. Hobbies include wine, travel, literature and of course bloodhounds. She is a member of The American Bloodhound club and can be found at their Meet the Breeds booth at Westminster warning people that they shouldn't get a bloodhound unless they have a big heart, a small ego and an excellent sense of humor.

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Maria Szabo is a New Yorker with a passion for bloodhounds who acquired her first one by accident and has never looked back. She has been everything from a bartender to a Wall Street sales assistant to a vice president in a private equity firm, but most of all she was Wimsey's human. She is a member of The American Bloodhound Club and can also be found annually at their Meet the Breeds booth regaling visitors with stories about her favorite subject.


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